FAQ about the KET-LIFT4BIKE MTB & e-bike repair stand: You ask, we answer

Our electric MTB & e-bike repair stand is a valuable support in the maintenanceand repair of bicycles. It is extremely stable and allows you to easily and securely attach and mount your MTB, e-bike or other two-wheeler.

More than just a simple bike repair stand for your e-bike or MTB

The KET-LIFT4BIKE is not an ordinary bike repair stand. Equipped with electric height adjustment, it offers maximum ergonomic comfort. This makes even difficult repairs to your e-bike or MTB child’s play. This makes it your indispensable helper in every small and large bicycle workshop.

Frequently asked questions about the KET-LIFT4BIKE MTB & e-bike repair stand:  

In the following FAQ list you will find the most frequently asked questions about our KET-LIFT4BIKE MTB & e-bike repair stand. With this, we want to help you get to know and operate your repair stand better. If you still don’t know what to do or need a more detailed explanation, contact our technical support.

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What do I need to set up the bike & e-bike repair stand?

Since there is a risk of tipping when setting up the repair stand, there should be at least two of you when setting it up. The procedure differs depending on whether you purchased the repair stand with or without a pedestal. The operating instructions for the repair stand starting from page 15 describe in detail how to set up the repair stand and what you have to consider.

Does the repair stand have a weight limit?

The repair stand is suitable for e-bikes, mountain bikes and other bicycles up to 50 kg.

What does collision safety shutdown with drive-back function mean?

If you cause a collision when moving the bike & e-bike repair stand downwards, this will be detected immediately. The drive system stops immediately and moves upwards automatically by approx. 3 to 5 cm. You should, of course, avoid collisions despite the automatic detection. The service life of the repair stand as well as your bike can be negatively affected by collisions.

How much does the KET-LIFT4BIKE MTB & e-bike repair stand cost?

The repair stand is available with and without pedestal and with various mounting clamps. The price varies depending on the model and technical equipment and starts at € 2,530.00 (plus VAT and shipping costs). Here you will find an overview of all available versions of the repair stand.

I would like to get the repair stand in another color. Is that possible?

No problem. We can customize the color of the KET-LIFT4BIKE. We specialize in making even the wildest wishes of our customers come true!

Can I use the repair stand for both my e-bike and MTB?

Yes, the repair stand can be used for e-bikes, mountain bikes and other bicycles up to a maximum of 50 kg.

Can I place several bikes on the repair stand at the same time?

No, the repair stand is only suitable for mounting one e-bike, mountain bike or bike.

Are there any replacement parts for the bike & e-bike repair stand?

Yes, if you need replacement parts, please contact our technical support by phone or by e-mail.

Can I also use the KET-LIFT4BIKE repair stand outdoors?

No, the repair stand should be used exclusively in dry indoor areas. Moisture could damage the motor. In addition, the spindle used for height adjustment could rust.

Where do I find instructions for assembling and using the repair stand?

You can download the user manual for the repair stand on our website.

How long is the warranty period for the KET-LIFT4BIKE bike & e-bike repair stand?

The warranty period is 2 years.

What options do I have for attaching my bike to the repair stand?

There are three mounting clamps to choose from for attaching your e-bike or MTB to the repair stand.

  • Mounting clamp Park Tool for for frame diameters of 23 to 76 mm, including aero tubes
  • Mounting clamp VAR for frames up to 80 mm in diameter
  • Mounting clamp Feedback for frame diameters of 19 to 48 mm
  • Mounting clamp Tip-Top 3-point for delicate frames
    Clamp Feedback for the ebike repair stand

    Clamp Feedback

    Clamp Feedback

    Clamp Feedback for the ebike repair stand

    Clamp Var for the ebike repair stand

    Clamp Var

    Clamp Var

    Clamp Var for the ebike repair stand

    Clamp Tip-Top 3-Point for the ebike repair stand

    Clamp Tip-Top 3-Point

    Clamp Tip-Top 3-Point

    Clamp Tip-Top 3-Point for the ebike repair stand